Travel Planner Extraordinaire, At Your Service

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Sit back, relax, and get ready to have a great trip.

Travel is the best, amiright?? I truly believe it is one of the greatest gifts of life: to discover and learn about other cultures, experience new things, make connections with new people, push your own boundaries, create lasting memories, and take a usually much-needed break from work. But I promise you, as much as you like to travel, I LOVE TO TRAVEL MORE. I mean, it’s not a competition, but if it were, I would win, hands down, no contest. If there was one thing I could do every day for the rest of my life, I would choose travel over sleep, or breathing, or even–hard to believe for those who know me–eating. And while of course I love being on the road, doing the damn thing, I actually love the act of trip planning also. Looking up flights, comparing hotels, researching things to do, finding the best places to eat, combing through blogs to find recommendations–these are all things that I assure you I like to do WAY more than you, and way more than most people.

So I am making a very personal, sort of scary, but also exciting (for me) announcement. Hire me to help you plan a trip! Let ME do the slog of travel researching, planning, and booking, and the only thing you have to worry about is getting stoked for your trip, and maybe buying a new swimsuit.

I know that trip planning can be a real drag for lots of people, especially as it’s so time consuming. Market research tells us that the average person spends several months and more than 30 hours, visiting on average more than 78 websites, during the trip planning process. Even once your flights are booked, there’s still so much more to do! (Also–why are flights such a racket? Why are they $200 more one day, and then suddenly $100 less the next?) And with everything else going on in all of our busy lives, it makes sense that you might not be sooo jazzed to have to spend hours and hours online or poring through guidebooks to figure out how you’re going to go on vacation. After all–isn’t a vacation supposed to be relaxing?

My focus will be on putting together itineraries, finding places to stay, and curating things to do that really bring out the culture of a place. My goal will be to allow you not only to see a place, but to experience it and participate in it–not as a tourist, but as a curious traveler. Travel has made such an impact on my life and has shaped who I am today–and you probably don’t even know the half of it! From watching a sky burial in a tiny monastery town on the border of Tibet; to awaking to sunrise after sleeping on a remote section of the Great Wall hours north of Beijing; to eating the best Thai food I’ve ever had on one of my most cherished islands in the world; to meditating with monks in Laos; to watching a geisha entertain guests in a quiet apartment in Kyoto; to stumbling out of the clubs in Buenos Aires at 7am in search of fresh-baked croissants; to dancing to thumping baile funk music in the favelas, with the lights of Rio twinkling around me–this feeling of discovering a new place and culture is without a doubt the most valuable experience I have ever had in my life, and I want to help people fall in love with travel as well.

In helping you to do that, I’ll work with your interests and your travel preferences (Are you on a budget or have money to burn [in which case, let’s talk :)]? Do you want to do active adventures or just chill the F out? Do you have interest in taking a class or meeting up with locals? Do you want to eat all of the foods?). Locations that I have a bit more expertise in: Rio de Janeiro (and Brazil); Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico; Panama; Colombia; Costa Rica; Scandinavia; Southeast Asia; Taiwan; and China. But I am totally open to working with people on whatever trips they want to take, regardless of location, including within the U.S. I also offer the full range of travel planning help, from researching flights and hotels, visa requirements, health precautions to take, etc. to planning authentic, off-the-beaten path experiences for you while you are in your destination. I can even help you figure out how best to pack. No request is too small, and no request is too big. Let’s work together to create the best travel experience for you

The truth is this is a grand experiment, but it is also the realization of something that has been brewing within me for a while, and the recognition that this is something I love to do and want to share with others. I need your support and encouragement and kindness as I go for this and do it. While I’m working on putting together a website, please help me spread the word to your friends who might be interested in some travel planning help! Whether it’s your cousin who’s planning her honeymoon, or your coworker who’s surprising his girlfriend with a vacation, or your sister who is planning a babymoon, your friend who just went through a bad breakup and needs to get away, or your other friend who is deciding to take a solo trip because why not (and because those are the best). Really, ANYONE. Please keep me in mind the next time you hear of anyone looking for some travel advice or travel planning help. SHARE this post, and I will love you forever.

Travel planning can be a daunting task, and time is precious. As Drake once (in)famously said: You only live once [so make those vacations days count]… I want to help make sure that your next escape is truly awesome and one you’ll remember for a long time to come.

Please feel free to get in touch at to learn and discuss more–and happy travels always!


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