Snapshots of a Stroll from West Village to East Village

Making good on the name of this blog, I’ve tried to take advantage of the last days of warmth this fall by wandering around the city. Sometimes if I think ahead, I’ve got my camera with me.  This actually doesn’t happen very often.  It’s cuz when it’s cold and gloomy out it’s also less motivation to wander around.  But then when it’s nice and sunny out, my brain turns to mush and all I can think about is how to spend time outside, without giving that much forethought to whether or not I want to bring my camera with me.  But a few shots I took the other day, on my way back from my internship in the West Village:

A beautiful day in Washington Square Park
I pass this restaurant, Il Buco, all the time on my walk to work. It is everything I think a restaurant should be--warm, inviting, homey-feeling, rich yet humble, and reminiscent of large family or friend gatherings with wine, good food, and good spirits. I've never been, but hopefully one day!
This picture has nothing to do with anything really. I just kind of liked how it looked... and it's across the street from Il Buco. Juxtaposition? Contrast?
This guy wanted me to take a picture of him, so I did.
A sunny day in Noho... I'm not sure exactly why, but I feel like this shot feels very New York City to me.
East Village what up! I love, love, love where I live.

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