Food, Glorious, [Ethnic] Food!

If you will remember from 7th grade music class, that was a number from the Dickens-tale-turned-Hollywood-musical, “Oliver!” about a bunch of homeless children dreaming of glorious food while being served slop in the boys’ shelter.  Well, not to compare Brazilian food with slop, (not in the slightest… in fact, I’ve been craving a good ole’ Brazilian rice and beans since I’ve been back), but there were certainly times in my nearly two-year stint in South America when I seriously craved good ethnic food and there was just none to be had.  Rio, bless its soul, is a wonderful city, but the dining out options there are certainly lacking, and even more so when you want any type of authentic ethnic food.  Because of the large Japanese influence from Sao Paulo, there are some decent sushi restaurants, but they also cost a fortune.  So upon my return to the U.S., I took every chance I could to eat all and any types of ethnic foods, because a good life is worth filling with good food.  (Forgive the photo quality; I took all of these with my cell phone.) 

Not a great picture, and certainly doesn't do Ethiopian food justice--it normally comes out on large platters with the food carefully placed in neat mounds. But we got the food to go. Still delicious.
Food of my mother country, Taiwanese beef noodle soup. A very simple dish but also very difficult to make well. I gave this one two thumbs up!
Italian handmade gnocchi. This was probably the best gnocchi I've ever had--at least that I can remember in recent history--and we had mistakenly ordered the smaller portion. So bittersweet. Next time I'd order the full portion and eat it all myself!
So this was actually a Peruvian chicken restaurant with chicken so tender and flavorful (the two sauces on the side were deeelicious) I really wanted to just keep eating even after I'd sucked off every possible particle of meat off the bones. So good and so cheap! I love America.

I’ve also eaten a lot of other ethnic food as well–Korean, Indian, French, El Salvadorian, Chinese, Spanish, you name it.  But I’ve given you a highlight from all the major “ethnic” continents: Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America (is there such thing as Australian food? Kangaroo and wallaby burgers?), so I’ll stop there.  Do you guys have any favorite ethnic foods?  Any that you couldn’t live without?


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