For a Dear Friend

I recently lost a good friend of mine here in Rio, and though I won’t say much about that specifically, he had always been a fan of my blog.  He told me, “you’re a good writer, yo,” (and, if you knew Adam, my friend, the “yo” part of that sentence is undeniably Adam) and his opinion was one that I valued.  Unfortunately, I’ve recently been doing an especially shit job of keeping this blog updated.  I feel compelled to write, to write for him, to write for myself, and for you guys back at home, so that I can share a bit of what it’s like to live in Rio.

Adam had been a partner in crime of sorts.  He was one of the first people I became friends with here in Rio and was always encouraging me when I felt frustrated with living here (easy breezy as living on the beach may sound…).  We commiserated about the nonsensical and annoying things about living in Rio, but also both felt that there was an undeniable force here that drew us to the city and made us want to stay.  I always admired Adam because he was great at–what we jokingly called–TCB, that is, in laymen’s terms, “taking care of business.”  So here I am taking care of business.  I hope you are still getting your swag on buddy.  Here’s to you, amigao.


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