Adios Buenos Aires, Ola Rio de Janeiro!

Making good on the name of this blog, I’m off wandering again, this my third big move in six months (D.C. to home, home to Buenos Aires, and now Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro).  Take my word for it: If you can avoid it, don’t ever move around that much in such a short period of time.  Especially between three different countries that speak three different languages.  It’s exhausting, emotionally and physically.  As much as I would love to proclaim that being an intrepid expat moving around and following my gut is exactly what I’ve always wanted, right now I would be lying if I said that some part of me didn’t wish I could just get on the next plane headed to my parent’s house, and let the soothing familiarity of being at home wash over me.  Lie on my couch with a box of Cheez-Its, or mint chocolate chip Breyer’s ice cream–or both; waste away several afternoons watching LOST marathons; having my mom put better-than-your-mom’s (yea, I said it) home-cooked food in front of me; washing–and drying!–my own clothes when I feel like it; not being in a constant state of perspiration; not having to, say, wear flip-flops in the shower (ah, hostel life); sleeping in my own bed each night–just a few of the small, but important, luxuries of home.  But this post is probably already starting to sound a lot like one I had written a few months back, after I first got to Buenos Aires.  I think it’s only human to want to be settled; I felt it when I first moved to Buenos Aires, and I’m feeling it again now.

But then again, it’s exciting to be back in Rio.  And as soon as I find a f*%#ing place to live (please, if anyone knows of anyone who happens to have a room for rent in Rio, LET ME KNOW), I think things’ll be popping off like pipoca (ha, made my first Portuguese language joke… pipoca means popcorn : ) ).

It’s been an interesting rollercoaster of events, for sure.  I should say, though, that in my last days in Buenos Aires, I got a little nostalgic.  I realized, as I walked around Buenos Aires for the last time in probably a long time, that it really is a pretty city, filled with green parks, tree-lined cobblestone streets, old European architecture, interesting street art, and a dangerous number of amazing bakeries, cute cafes, and stylish boutiques.  Of course, if steak is your thing, Argentina can’t be beat.  And if clubbing until 8am to electronic music is your thing, Buenos Aires also gives most other cities a run for its money.  And let’s just be honest, I will truly miss empanadas.  Those things are amazing.  It’s not that I didn’t like Buenos Aires, but if choosing where you live is a reflection of your character, Rio is just a bit more my style.  At least… I think.  Vamos ver–we will see.


One thought on “Adios Buenos Aires, Ola Rio de Janeiro!

  1. Kinda stumbled across this blog–love it! I can very much empathize with a lot of your restless feelings. Feel free to check out my blog (I left Buenos Aires a few months ago after a year there).

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