Photo Op: Faces of Brazil

I’m sorry I’m not sorry that my blog has only been about Brazil for the past two months (1.5 of which, I wasn’t doing any blogging…), but here’s some more!  I’ll keep this short and sweet, i.e. more pics:

Beautiful colors, dress, and lady in Salvador, Bahia
I just liked this woman's vibe... she looked like one of those mother hens that don't take shit from nobody.

Turns out Brazilian kids are the cuuuutest!! (Cue female blogger whose ovaries are exploding… kidding. Don’t judge me.)  Witness the below:

I'm not sure this child could be any cuter, unless he was holding a shiba inu puppy ( Sorry I'm not html-advanced enough to hyperlink that.

Bad lighting, but really cute kids make up for it.
Baby on the right not a happy camper that I interrupted their sandcastle convention...
These kids were literally having the time of their lives playing in the water... you can't quite make it out, but the kid in the back has a small squid on his head. er... seriously.

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