Photo Op: Brazil In Living Color

Street vendors in Salvador, Brazil

A lot of people have asked me why I loved Brazil so much, and why I like it more than Buenos Aires.  Granted, Buenos Aires is a great city, with a lot of its own culture and flavor (namely beef flavor), but one thing that stands out about Brazil is its color, both literally and figuratively.  Brazil’s just got more life, vivacity, pizazz, badaboom, sexiness.  To put it succinctly, more brio!  The color of the cities, the pure joy of music and dance, the energy of the people, the physicality of capoeira (an African-influenced form of martial arts combined with dance and music), and the craziness of their traditions (Carnival anyone?) make up a lot of Brazil’s national identity.  As one of my fellow travelers put it, a good metaphor for the difference in the two countries is their dances: Argentina’s tango is somber and dramatic; samba in Brazil is jubliant and intoxicating.

bros just bro'in out. Gamboa, on the island of Tinhare, Bahia
spontaneous drummers and dancers on the beach in Florianopolis... and more ass cheek, just because.

One thought on “Photo Op: Brazil In Living Color

  1. Gorgeous pictures! This and your previous post make me want to jump on a plane to Brazil right now. It sounds like an amazing country.

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