Mothers, Lock Up Your Caipirinhas, I’m Going to Brazil!

the incomparable coastline of Rio (courtesy,

Ha. I’m gonna laugh at my own joke on that one.  Anyway, as per usual, I made a very last-minute decision and with the help of some coin flipping and some late-night deliberating, I finally purchased a flight to Brazil.  In the true spirit of backpacking,  details about what I do after I arrive in Brazil have yet to be worked out.  But all I know is for now, I am slated to be there for five weeks between next Tuesday (Feb. 9) and March 15.  So, if you, or anyone you know, will be in the generally vicinity of: Porto Alegre, Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Paraty, Ilha Grande, Buzios, Salvador, Itacare, or Morro de Sao Paolo, help a sista out and let me know!  Or, if you’ve been to Brazil and have any kind words of wisdom, please also let me know.  Traveling is only made better by sharing knowledge and experiences!

I’ll try to update here as I’m traveling, since free wi-fi seems to be pretty standard in most hostels I’ve looked at, but that will also mean having to tear myself away from a) lazing on the beach, b) a caipirinha, c) a fresh tropical fruit smoothie, d) a fresh seafood meal, e) a street party with samba schools, f) watching a drum corps practice, or e) all of the above.  Sooo, we shall see how often that gets done.

Also, I’m calling upon all of your collective powers of goodwill to help me not get mugged again, or have my camera or other valuable items stolen from me.  Brazil’s a beautiful place with beautiful and kind people, but also prevalent petty crime and violence.  So yea, keep your fingers crossed for me.  Muito obrigada!

caipirinhaaaa (courtesy,

One thought on “Mothers, Lock Up Your Caipirinhas, I’m Going to Brazil!

  1. I LOVE Brazil! I spent 6 weeks in Salvador a few years ago. I also got a chance to hit up Morro de Sao Paulo and Chapada Diamantina and I went down to Rio before coming home. And you’ll be there for Carnaval, I’m so jealous! I’m sure it will be amazing and you’ll be fine as long as your cautious.

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