We Heart Parilla al Carbon

meeaaat. on the parilla.

Argentines are the world’s biggest per capita consumers of beef.  And with how tasty their cow meat is, I don’t blame them (that is, until you eat so much red meat you start to get the meat sweats… but as with all things, moderation is probably the way to go).  One of the best places to get an authentic Argentine barbecue experience is at a parilla, a restaurant with a traditional fire grill (literally called the parilla) and a menu basically limited to things that can be carved off of or made out of parts of a cow or pig.  Grilled slabs of seasoned cheese (deeelish), and–if you must add a little roughage–salad are usually available, too.  Parillas are also cheap, thus providing a very economical and very tasty option for a meal.

On the tip of one of my red-blooded-American, beef-appreciating-male friends here, Deniz and I decided to check out the Parilla al Carbon just a few blocks from my house.  VERY good decision.  We had a steak sandwich (just under $4USD), and a choripan (a grilled sausage sandwich, about $2USD).  Both were the best I’ve ever tasted of either in the city.  Plus, a small carafe of house red wine only costs 6 pesos, which really breaks the bank at about $1.60 USD (although admittedly, as much as I’d love to say the house wine delivers quality as much as value, let’s just say the meat made up for what the wine was lacking).  If you live in Buenos Aires or are just passing through, and want a great place to get a cheap, no-frills, mouth-watering meal, check out Parilla al Carbon (at Serrano and Loyola in Villa Crespo), even if just for the steak sandwich.  Their cut of bife de lomo (akin to a filet mignon) is also definitely something to write home to mom about.

Arguably the most Argentine picture of all time: Man wearing a Simpsons shirt (they LOVE The Simpsons down here), carving up some beef, with a Quilmes beer sign in the background.

if she could give two thumbs up while eating, she would.

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