Punta del Este: Land of the Beautiful People

a little bit of miami in uruguay

So Punta del Este, Uruguay was a trip–into a microcosm of really really attractive people with lots of money.  But it really was great–lots of relaxing beach bumming, wonderfully friendly people, sharing cervezas and pizza until 7am, making friends while hitchhiking (yup!), and looots of exposed butt cheeks (see below photo, if you haven’t already been staring at it for the last two minutes… Fedigan).

(photo courtesy of d. ozdemir… nice juxtaposition d)

But what’s a South American beach destination without a little (or a lot of) butt cheek?  But I digress.  Anyway, Punta del Este was certainly an interesting place, if only to see the enormous and gorgeous houses, and gawk at all the incredibly tanned, toned, and attractive people that grace the sands and streets of this city.  Punta is a place where a lot of Argentines, and some Uruguayans, go during their summer vacations.  But not just any Argentines–it’s a pretty exclusive club of those who have enough dough to own or rent stunning summer homes or condos by the sea.  Prices for drinks and food are high enough to make even the most upper of middle class Americans shudder.  But for the necessary jaunt to the beach, it’s nicer than any Argentine beach locale, and certainly satiated my craving for sun and sand–not to mention my craving for fish, as it’s a rarity to find it here in Buenos Aires.  Besides, any location that’s so safe and friendly that everyone just hitchhikes everywhere is my kind of place.  (Witness Deniz and I riding in the back of a pickup truck below–Deniz is unfortunately behind the camera in this one.)

“hacer dedos”: hitchhiking in punta

One final little interesting tidbit:  The lead singer of the band Cobra Starship (think “Good Girls Go Bad”) is Uruguayan.  We randomly met him while his friend tried to hit on me at a deserted little pizza shop in the La Barra area of Punta.  At 6am.  Ha.


2 thoughts on “Punta del Este: Land of the Beautiful People

  1. Chen-
    1) please post tighter butt pics
    2) i’m going to costa rica for a week around memorial day. hitchhike on up and hang out.

    1. Maziuk–good news. If all goes according to plan, I’m headed to Brazil next month, which = tighter butt pics. As for Costa Rica, I will try to harness my best Che Guevara and roadtrip it up the length of South America… although don’t get your hopes up toooo high.

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