Happy New Year: 2009 Rap Up

So, this has nothing to do with travel, Buenos Aires, or myself. But as it is December 31, 2009, and we’re approaching the start of a decade that I have no idea what to call (the 10s?), I thought it appropriate to spread this sharp, funny, and comprehensive “rap up” of the past year.  You didn’t think I’d ever use those words to describe rap?  Give it a listen:

Skillz – 2009 Rap Up

Happy New Year everyone–so long 2000s!  Hope you have a memorable last night to the decade!


One thought on “Happy New Year: 2009 Rap Up

  1. Thanks for stopping by dienu! We enjoy reading your blog about your experiences in Buenos Aires. We’ve been reading a lot of traveling blogs because we’re planning our own little adventure, and just getting an idea of everyone else’s experiences as well. Take care!

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