Just Monkeying Around

Also in Langkawi, we made friends with a guy who looked like a Malaysian rastafarian poster boy–long dreadlocks, lots of jewelry involving beads and shells, flowy pants, a chilled out ‘tude, and you guessed it, a pet monkey. What’s that you ask? Yes, he had an adorable pet monkey who would climb all over you and play with you.  Here she is pretending to smoke a cigarette.

Silly monkey! Cigarettes are for humans!

And then we decided to eat some robster dishes.  The Malays know how to do a robster right.

Best robster I've ever tasted.

2 thoughts on “Just Monkeying Around

    1. Ha, unless her rastafarian owner had had one too many bong hits, he was pretty sure it was a she. Though nice observation, Details Dan.

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