On Good Taste: Keep on Keeping On

Thanks to my friend Stacey, I found this great, reassuring video with Ira Glass from public radio’s “This American Life.”  He talks about what a lot of people who pursue careers in radio, television, film, writing, photography, art, fashion, etc. know–which is that it’s definitely not for the faint-hearted or easily-discouraged.  I’m endeavoring on a “creative” career path now.  I have zero delusions that it will be anything but difficult and a lot of hard work (mixed with–hopefully–finding the right contacts).  But here is Ira Glass, having already made it to the top of his game, having already achieved as much as one could hope to achieve in radio, assuring me that it WILL take a while, that I WILL fail, and that I WILL produce some pretty god-awful stuff.

Take Ira himself, for example. His voice is actually horrible for radio–despite it being very recognizable.  But it’s not at all the type of voice where someone would tell him “you should be on radio.” But he pursued what he loved to do (despite being pre-med in college), and with a lot of persistence, became very successful doing it.

Fortunately, I am actually pretty confident that I have good taste (ha, but don’t most people?), so to quote a favorite rapper of mine who passed before his time: “See you chumps on top.”


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