Live From Buenos Aires… It’s Saturday Night!

So I’m being ambitious today.  And by that I mean the complete and utter opposite. I am hungover.  Though technically I feel okay,  my body is all but comatose.  I’ve sat in the same spot for the last four hours and though my brain wants me to move, my muscles and ligaments and bones just don’t feel like it.  I’m lazy as f*ck today and goddammit, I’m going to keep being lazy.  I meant that I’m being ambitious only because I’m posting several blogs in one day, and on a day like today, that deserves a gold star sticker.  I’m behind on everything that I wanted to write about from my trip to Malaysia, and my trip from last summer to Southeast Asia, so bear with me.  Though I really really should be packing and cleaning my room (because I’m moving to a new apartment tomorrow with my two new friends from Chicago, Jackie and Tessa!), quite frankly, packing’s just not really my bag right now (ha-punny), and writing is a much more appealing task.

So why am I so hungover? One word: boliche.  It means “club” in Argentine Spanish, and they are one hell of a hilariously good time. 

I went to a boliche called Asia de Cuba last night in Puerto Madero, the newest part of the city, along the Rio de la Plata.  As is customary for a night out in Argentina, we strolled up to the club at around 3am–and thus ensued a lot of dancing and drinking.  Being a female at a boliche means that you WILL get several Argentine men to try to make out with you before they’ve even caught your name.  But it’s always harmless–it’s just part of the culture here.  I guess you can’t knock the hustle?  Ha anyway, I don’t have that much more to say about the boliches… really, I just wanted an excuse to use the title of this post. : )

I have no idea who that guy is... but really guy? That is some really bad, creepy facial hair.

2 thoughts on “Live From Buenos Aires… It’s Saturday Night!

  1. so many fabulous things going on in this pic! i, too, am wayyy too lazy to pack. ugh and then we just have to unpack tomorrow. i say we put some christmas music on and buy a bottle of champagne. screw it

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