Pardon Me… Would You Have Any Grey Poupon?

at least the horses were cool...

I kept thinking of the old (and hilariously ridiculous) Grey Poupon commercials when I went to a polo match the other weekend.  Never have a I seen such a large group of people who looked like they all stepped off the set from shooting a Ralph Lauren ad–and this coming from a girl who went to Georgetown.  I had to wait outside the polo field for a while, waiting for my friends to get there, and nine out of every ten people who walked into the venue were a) beautiful, b) well-dressed, and c) looked like they probably had servants, or at least very nice cars.  Anyway, it was an interesting event.  Unbeknownst to me before I went to the match, the best polo players in the world, and thus the best teams, are Argentine.  In the words of two American guys I met who actually play polo (professionally! WHAT?!), the Brits and the Aussies only try to keep up with the Argentines.  I’d say polo is a totally boring sport, but perhaps that’s because I know nothing about the rules, so I’ll just leave it at this: I probably won’t go to another one any time soon, at least not without some adult beverages to accompany me.  It’s a much more slow-moving game than I expected, especially given that it’s played on horses.  But it was fun seeing how many people showed up for the event, and it’s also interesting that it’s kind of a big deal here.  Another Argentine cultural event down.

We fit in pretty well, what with the large floppy sunhat, and the Asian girl....

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