And the Party Don’t Stop ‘Til Six in the Mornin’…

buenos aires dawn
Leave the bars juuust in time for a morning coffee

So I’m alive and well in Buenos Aires!  (Save for a little run-in with a robber, but that’s for another post.)  The first thing I learned about Argentine culture–and the one thing that’s taken some getting used to–is that Argentines take the term “night owl” to a totally different level.   They don’t have the North-American-it’s-about-10-o-clock-better-get-ready-for-bed mentality.  Here, dinner time is around 10pm (if not later). You start having drinks around midnight, maybe you’ll leave the house for a bar around 1:30-2am, and then right around 3 or 4am you head out to the clubs (or stay at your chosen bars), until about 7am when you’re just about ready to call it a night and head home.  On my very first night here, I got home at 7:30am, and crawled into bed right before 8am. It might have been the “latest” I’ve ever gone to bed.  And it wasn’t even a very crazy night.

Though my first night here was a Saturday night, Buenos Aires bars and clubs are open all night long every night of the week.  There are some bars you’re meant to go to on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, because that’s when they’re hopping–reference this article on Buenos Aires nightlife.

So time to forget all the things they tell you back in the States: Eating after 9pm is bad for you. You should get 8 hours of sleep each night.  Eating [steaks and pasta every day] really late will make you fat.  You shouldn’t sleep in late because it’s a waste of your day.

Good thing I was never one to go to bed early anyways…

(photo via lrargerich)


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