What’s Black, White, and Fresh All Over?

chiddy bang swelly express

CHIDDY BANG, bitches. Seriously, this four-piece hip-hop group is so fresh to death, they’re the first act that I’ve gotten really excited about in a long time.  Just a little background: These guys from Philly are in their second year of college (?!?! I was still figuring out how i could possibly make it to my 8:50am bio lab in my PJs if I woke up at 8:40) who according to music blog PMA, “rocked some parties at Drexel and quickly gained the attention of the industry.” They mix some of the most unique samples and beats from all over the music spectrum.  We’re talking samples of Sufjan Stevens, Yelle, Passion Pit, MGMT, Belle & Sebastian, Ratatat–and even a song from Mary Poppins.  Their latest mixtape, The Swelly Express, features genre-bending hip-hop/electronica written from their experience visiting music execs in NYC. The two guys on the mic, Chidera Anamege and Xaphoon Jones (say that two times fast), have a flow like D.C. native Wale, but the production quality on the tracks is better (and more reminiscent of Cool Kids with its heavy electronic and rock sound).  But enough from me, I’ll let their music speak for itself.  You can download the mixtape here.


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