Never Underestimate a Kind Airport Employee… And Why New York Sucks

I’ve spent a boatload (Airbus-load?) of time in airports and on airplanes lately. Between waiting at the Taipei airport for nine hours, and flying back and forth from Asia and now to South America, I’ve had to learn the art of doing nothing for looong periods of time.  (I’ve also learned to take advantage of the surprisingly plentiful free wireless Internet at many foreign airports.)  I’d take up meditation or something, but then who would watch my stuff?

Anyway, in all of this time in and out of airports, I’ve realized how wonderful it is to come across an airline employee who is kind and willing to help you, the customer, have a better experience.  This especially affects a person like me, who, despite all her best efforts (really!  you don’t know how many lists I made and remade in order to pack ahead of time for this move!), is always cutting it close at the airport–whether it’s getting there with enough time to check in, or skirting baggage allowances like it’s her job (like I said before, rules are meant to be tested, if not broken : )).  I am flying AeroMexico today, and every employee has been really just… so pleasant.  And miracle of all miracles–they’ve been patient! Relying on the kindness of the AeroMexico employees, I was able to once again take waaay too much stuff on board with me.  And once again, I haven’t learned my lesson about packing too much.

But that’s beside the point. Where was I going with this? Oh yes.  It makes me think of a different city, in which the airport and airline employees are the closest thing to devil spawn that I can think of–New York City.

Those of you who know I’m from Boston might be thinking, “This is just residual anger from the Yankees winning their 53rd or however many it’s been World Series…” But no.  As a result of my absolute worst airport experiences ever, I have a deep-seated loathing for both JFK and LaGuardia airports.  And I gave them more than one shot to make it up to me.  But I don’t think I’ve ever made eye contact with a single airline employee at either airports, or been treated like I was worth the breath it would take to answer my question.  And for all the exasperated sighing on their part, their answers aren’t even helpful.  So, for what it’s worth, and for the knowledge and benefit of all 30 people who will lay eyes on this, I am a dissatisfied customer saying suck it JFK [airport] and LGA!  Too bad I don’t have a knack for writing witty songs and setting them to a music video to publicize my complaints.

(And by the way, I lied in the title of this post. I know, a betrayal of reader trust. But New York doesn’t really suck. In fact, I’m a big fan. In fact, I hope it makes room for me in the next couple years. I just won’t be a happy camper about flying in and out of there.)


3 thoughts on “Never Underestimate a Kind Airport Employee… And Why New York Sucks

  1. Um… I am just going to comment on my own post, about the randomness of the automatically generated “Possibly related posts” above. “Ooops, I forgot my kid” sounds like a bad ABC Family movie, in which Rick Moranis would probably play a leading role.

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