Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack

I’m back in the good ole’ U.S. of A.!  And I have to admit, one thing I did miss while in Asia was pure, unadulterated, blissful American pop music.  I heard this song for the first time (through, of course) the day I was packing for my trip to Asia–Oct. 5 to be exact, the day it was released to American radio–and for the first 15 seconds I was like ugh, another non-descript, mediocre, poorly-written pop song. But as I was packing, I didn’t actually change the song, and I kept listening, and then listened to it another three times on repeat.  It’s  just so goddamn catchy!  It’s Lady Gaga-esque, before she became annoying for being so dogmatic about her weirdness.  Tell me it doesn’t make you want to crack open a bottle of Jack and make a toast to shots (i.e. party like you just don’t care, for those of you not blessed to have shared my new year’s ’08 experience with me).  I will forgive her for spelling her name with a f’ing dollar symbol (Ke$ha) and randomly capitalizing letters in song titles (middle school note-writing style), because in her video she disses a hipster in skinny jeans and goes with a sweet dood sporting a raging mullet, fu manchu ‘stache, belly shirt, studded American flag fanny pack, and jorts (dream man?)–played by none other than Simon Rex of 90s MTV VJ fame.  Give the song a chance.

Ke$ha – TiK ToK


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