Hasta Luego D.C., It’s Been Real.

Welp. Bye, D.C. It’s been swell.

After what seemed like 362,000 hours of packing and being stressed about moving, I’m finally back at my parents’ home north of Chicago.  And by a miracle of god, the guy who checked my bags at the airport didn’t weigh them–probably saving me $125 (!!!) in overweight baggage fees for each suitcase.  AND I finagled three carry-on bags (rather than the normal allowance of one carry-on plus a personal bag).  AND TSA somehow overlooked the large bottles of liquids that I forgot I had put in my carry-ons.  I think the lesson to be learned here is that blatantly breaking the rules ends in positive results.

Anyway, I had a great last week in D.C.–actually, it’s been a great seven years.  I’ll miss the city and all the friends I’m leaving there a lot, who, by the way, are the best.  So to continue with some of my favorite spots in D.C., here’s a well-deserved shoutout to a bar in my former hood:

so this is what chief ike's looks like during the day...
so this is what chief ike's looks like during the day...

Chief Ike’s Mambo Room
Adams Morgan is notorious for its mediocre bars that become packed with douchebags and belligerent drunks on weekend nights.  But throw in a DJ “spinning” the best hip-hop hits from the past decade, a dance floor, and $3 PBRs into that mix, and the result becomes a pretty ridiculous (i.e. awesome) place to get after a memorable–or unmemorable, depending on how many drinks you have–night.  Sadly, I didn’t give Chief Ike’s enough love for a long time.  But thanks to a certain alcoholic friend of mine who has made the bar his second home, I’ve been preaching the Chief Ike’s gospel.  If you’re heading to the District and are looking for a great place to throw back cheap beers, wear out your dancing shoes, and have a lot more fun than you would anywhere else on 18th Street, Chief Ike’s is the place.  You’ll probably complain about having to pay a $5 cover (though Fridays are free for girls), but after your first foray into the Mambo Room, you probably won’t mind.


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