Pants Are for the Weak

um, no thanks.
um, no thanks.

It’s October 1!  How do the seasons come and go so quickly?! The last couple days have gotten downright frigid at night, and living in D.C. for the last seven years (and spending summers in sweltering places like Southern China and Southeast Asia) has made me a huge wuss when it comes to withstanding cold weather (despite the fact that I spent my first 17 years in Boston, with a short cameo in Minnesota, of all places).  So my solution?  Move to the southern hemisphere!  I jokingly (more like half-seriously) said last winter that I would henceforth follow the warm weather and avoid winter by moving.  And I’m actually doing it.  I’m pretty pleased that after October 5 I will be heading for another six months of spring and summer.

I am also pleased that I have thus far managed to completely avoid wearing pants!  I haven’t worn a single pair of pants since oh, probably early April?  Luckily, I’m a lady, and I have plenty of options to weasel my way out of wearing that god-forsaken article of clothing–thank you skirts, shorts, dresses, and leggings.

Speaking of being a lady, here’s a great remix of Santogold’s “I’m a Lady,” courtesy of eeilym.

(photo via Anthony DelMundo/


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