Daily Dose

I’m probably a little behind on the times, but one of my favorite blogs to check on a regular basis is The Sartorialist, started by a fashion photographer who wanted to celebrate real people he saw on the street with great style. Not only are the photos simple and beautiful, they remind me that style is something that’s totally personal. Anyway,  here are a couple of my favorites from the last couple weeks.

i covet this sweater.
perfect casual confidence.

The Savvy Traveler
If I could only wear one thing every day, this outfit would be pretty damn near close to what I’d choose (shorts rule, pants drool). And the sweater is a perfect blend of cool, casual, chic, and comfortable.  If I were in Paris, and I wanted to know where to hang out, I’d trust her.  And then I’d see if I could tag along with her friends to a cute Parisian bistro.

serious f'in swagger.
daaamn grrrl.

The Sassy Traveler
Admittedly, this is a lot of look. But there’s something about the way she’s carrying herself, and the fact that she’s rocking those shoes with that hat with that strappy-backed jumper that makes you say Daaamn, I wish I could pull that off.  One word comes to mind: fierce. Actually some more words come to mind: No one on the corner got swagger like us.

(via The Sartorialist)


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