I Heart Thee, D.C.

Now that I’ve only got ten more days in my beloved (current) hometown of D.C., I’m starting to get a little misty-eyed about leaving the only city I’ve ever really known.  Having lived here for the last seven-plus years, it’s been a great place to be a young working person and although it’s no London, Tokyo, or New York City, there are some things I’ll really miss about D.C.  So in honor of the nation’s capital, here’s a small series on some of my favorite spots around town.


1. The Hirshhorn
The fact that most of the museums here are free (and that museums in other cities can cost up to $20 a pop!) means that we have a great luxury here (thank you, Smithsonian Institution) that we probably take for granted too often. That said, one of my favorite free museums in the city is the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.  They’ve always got interesting modern and contemporary art collections and exhibits, and it was one of the first museums I visited on my own.  I also like the size of it–not so large that it’s daunting and/or your feet get tired after you’ve walked around the first floor, but large enough that you’re not bored each time you go back.


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