Natural Born Eater (& Traveler)

macarons en paris, oui oui!
macarons à paris, oui oui!

I came across this article in the Guardian about the 50 best things to eat in the world, and where to eat them.  Though the list starts to disintegrate with categories such as “ham” and “Nordic food” (although I’m not hating, I’ve never had Nordic food… perhaps it’s…and doesn’t just consist of bland, beige-colored things like I’m envisioning), this list makes me super excited to travel and do what I do best: eat.  It would also make a great travel show, to go to each of the places on this list, and meet the owners/chefs of each establishment, and explore the history of those foods in each of those places.  You heard it here first.  If (when?! a girl can dream…) I ever get to pitch a travel show idea to the development peeps at the Travel Channel, I’ll tell them I got this show in the bag.  Please.  Eat the world’s best foods and talk to people about it and wander the surrounding neighborhoods?  I do that in my sleep (slash, people would pay to watch me do it…?  sure.).


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