Hey young world! I’m the new Slick Rick!

hola buenos aires!
hola buenos aires!

So after much, much, much deliberation, I have finally decided to take the plunge and a) move out of DC, b) quit my full-time job, and c) move to Buenos Aires.  It sounds so fabulous doesn’t it?  (Or, depending on who you are, utterly stupid.)  Well, we’ll see how good it feels when I have no money and no health insurance (although I heard Argentina has universal healthcare… nice).  But a little bout of adventure never hurt anyone—in fact, I think it does wonders for the soul.

Things to look forward to:
– Practicing espanol with anyone who will lend a friendly ear to a gringa, and likely taking some Portuguese as well
– Getting drunk off Argentine wine, and paying very little money for it
– Reaffirming my love for eating meat, in this crazy, upside-down world where more and more people are becoming vegetarians and vegans (ha um, just kidding all my friends who are vegetarians…:) )
– Eating empanadas until I’m sick of them
– Making myself look like a fool by trying to tango… or at least attempting to salsa (they have salsa clubs, too, right?)
– Getting way too excited about a futbol match
– Likely not having to work a 9 to 5 (waaay overrated)
– Likely satiating (at least for the time being) my wanderlust
– Galavanting with fellow expats and foreigners
– Y finalmente, la pasion Latina

Lots of plans to make, and if you know anyone who’s ever lived in Argentina, let me know!  I have tons of questions that I’ll need experienced expats/gringos to help me answer.  Woot woot—Argentina here I come!


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